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In-app purchases

App developers use IAPHUB to manage their In-App purchases and subscriptions.

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A simple pricing that grows with your business.
Your plan level will increase depending on the number of unique users using the IAPHUB API each month.

All features included in any plan level

Some SAAS will limit the features you can use depending on your plan level.
Not on IAPHUB! We believe anyone even on a free plan should be able to use the full set of features we can offer.

We ❤️ startups and indie developers

You can start using IAPHUB for your new project using ALL the features we can offer for FREE!
We estimated 500 unique active users per month is a fair threshold for most project to start supporting us with a small fee.

We understand your needs

We're a bootstrapped startup composed of talented individuals with extensive experience in the mobile industry.
We're moving fast, with no greedy investor pushing us to make big profits.
We believe we can help thousands of developers developping costly backend to handle their In-App purchases for a fraction of the cost.
Let us handle this part and focus on your app instead.

Plan levels

Frequently asked question

When is an user counted as active?

An user is counted as active during the month when calling the IAPHUB API.
An user will only be counted once during the month regardeless of the number of API calls performed.
Remember not necessarily all of your users will use the IAPHUB API, some won’t even load the page showing your In-App purchases.

How is the level system working?

You’ll automatically start level 0 each month.
If you reach the limit of the level you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next level.

How much am I going to be charged?

You'll be charged the price of the level you reached by the end of each month.

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